[cairo] zlib1.dll

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Sun Jan 20 23:43:57 PST 2008

> Is it possible to tweak the ./configure script so that it tries to
> link against -lzlib1 instead of -z ?

(presumably you mean "instead of -lz")

Isn't it easier to just generate an *import* library for zlib1.dll
called libz.a or libz.dll.a, instead of linking directly to the DLL? I
think linking directly to DLLs is somewhat uncommon, although
supported by the GNU linker. The USAGE.txt included with the official
zlib package recommends generating an import library called libzdll.a,
which I think is a suboptimal name for it, as the "standard" name for
the library in the Unix world is -lz. Thus I suggest libz.dll.a which
matches the convention that import libraries end with .dll.a. (The GNU
linker looks for libfoo.dll.a in addition to libfoo.a when it
encounters -lfoo.)


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