[cairo] drawing inconsistency

Adi Oanca adioanca at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 05:23:11 PST 2008


> > I need pixel precision, so could you please point me to a
> > page/document on how cairo maps logical coordinates to physical
> > pixels?
> Are you searching for <http://cairographics.org/FAQ/#sharp_lines>?

   Yes no no. :)
   I had no problems drawing straight 1 pixel wide lines. However,
that's good to know.
   Yet, I'm glad I've found some explanation about how Cairo maps
logical to physical pixels.

   I'm a bit disappointed because I haven't found something like
"Cairo Drawing Principles", much like in the link that I provided in
my previous mail. (with illustrations, which are very easy to grasp)
Something like that should also be written for Cairo, as this library
is quite famous these days... :)

   Still, there is the strange behavior that I described in my
previous emails; that with the SDL-provided buffer drawing is
different than with a buffer allocated with/by Cairo.


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