[cairo] [RFC] cairo_path_extents()

Kalle Vahlman kalle.vahlman at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 23:04:34 PST 2008

2008/1/21, Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>:
> So the semantic question for the API is:
>         Should cairo_path_extents consider a lone move_to when
>         computing its extents?
> And I'm not entirely sure about that. If we answer yet, it seems to
> put us in the tricky spot of having to answer whether a sequence of
> cairo_move_to calls will store each MOVE_TO in the path or
> not. Previously, no cairo calls would care whether or not these were
> condensed into one, (except for cairo_copy_path of course, where the
> user can explicitly see whether the condensing is happening).
> I'm inclined to think that the lone move_to should not count. But I'm
> not quite sure how to justify that.

One additional justification in my mind would be symmetry with the
implicit move_to(0,0) that every path logically begins with, it
doesn't count either.

That's of course a bit up to the viewer since you could argue that the
initial move_to(0,0) doesn't exist if you start the path with your own
move_to(), but...

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