[cairo] Path Gradients

Milan Marusinec milan at marusinec.sk
Wed Jan 23 03:41:21 PST 2008

Bill Spitzak wrote:
> That looks like a much nicer result, I was told this is called a "level 
> set". The color is the distance from the nearest point on the edge.
> Unfortunatly that is not what Windows is doing, it is doing the distance 
> along a straight line from a fixed point to the edge. This produces 
> sharp points all the way to the center. Not as nice but it would have to 
> be replicated. My guess is that AGG could do this pretty easily.

And isn't it only just a variant of Distance Transform (DT) where the
nearest point is being computed from some certain position ?

> Otherwise I have to say that those demos are f**king impressive! Can 
> Cairo be made to do all this?

Actually, I am looking for some examples in cairo to re-implement them
in AGG to prove, that AGG can do all of cairo :-)


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