[cairo] XShm when?

Theo Veenker Theo.Veenker at let.uu.nl
Thu Jan 24 02:42:56 PST 2008


I recently started using cairo. I need to do some animation.
Cairo's drawing is fast enough for me, but the actual XPutImage
calls are way too slow (on my hardware). So I like to be able
to use XShm to speed things up a bit. As I understand from the
the XShm thread of last october this is being worked on. Is there
a schedule for it? It is not on the roadmap.

In the mean-time, would I gain anything by using a Pixmap created
with XShmCreatePixmap() as a rendering surface and then copy
to the window with XCopyArea()?

BTW, what is pixman? Do I explicitly need it with cairo,
or is it something under the hood?


PS. is the search thingy on http://lists.cairographics.org/archives/cairo/
up to date? Entering xshm for example yields no results.

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