[cairo] The short road left to 1.6 - EXTEND_PAD

Antoine Azar cairo at antoineazar.com
Sat Jan 26 15:56:36 PST 2008

Here's my contribution to 1.6. This adds 
extend_pad support to pixman (as in my previous 
patch) but also cleans up the whole 
fbfetchtransformed function that used to be 
almost 700 lines long. I broke it down in 
separate functions, and reduced some of the code duplication.

I made my own perf test in Cairo to stress this 
function and the new code should be either as 
fast or (very slightly) faster than the previous one.

This patch should be "apply and play" with 
pixman's current repository. If everything 
applies smoothly, cairo's extend-pad test should now pass.


At 03:43 PM 1/24/2008, Carl Worth wrote:
>I've just done some major (and long overdue) cleanups to cairo's todo
>and roadmap files.
>First, everyone should not that I've removed the ROADMAP and TODO
>files from the source distribution. Instead the roadmap.mdwn and
>todo.mdwn files in the cairo-www repository for the website[*] are now
>canonical. Unsurprisingly, since we had two copies of each of these
>files, there was some ugly divergence---but I cleaned that up now.
>Also, the roadmap was woefully out of date, (never having been updated
>since the originally guessed July 2007 for 1.6 came and went). I've
>now put February 2008 in as the 1.6 date and I want to make this one
>Toward that end, I've slipped a ton of the originally proposed 1.6
>ideas that haven't seen much progress yet off to 1.8. It looks like
>that's shaping up to have a strong "make fonts/text work properly"
>theme to it.
>As for 1.6, there's a lot that has already been done, but there's also
>a fair amount left. Here are the 5 items on the roadmap currently and
>who's "on the hook" for each of them:
>         • Fix a8mask failure    cworth
>         • Fix CAIRO_EXTEND_PAD  aazar
>         • Fix goofy visuals     cworth
>         • .._get_xrender_format cworth
>         • 16.16 -> 24.8         vlad
>These 5 items didn't slip because for 4 of them we already have a
>patch that hopefully just needs a little review or massaging before
>it's complete. (The other one is a trivial API addition.) So I think
>it's quite reasonable to get these in very soon.
>There are a couple of other things not on the 1.6 schedule that some
>might like to be there, (like marking cairo-xcb and cairo-quartz as
>supported). If so, please let me know that you're willing to help make
>it happen, (we need test suite success for supported backends, for
>Meanwhile, there are a *bunch* of PDF, PS, and SVG failures in the
>test suite right now that must be sorted out before release, (and I'll
>insert more fallbacks if necessary to make the test suite pass).
>Finally, my plan is to work on two or three of the above issues today
>and push out a 1.5.8 snapshot. Then I'm off to linux.conf.au where I
>likely won't have any time to touch cairo for about a week. While I'm
>gone would be a great time for others to make some progress. As soon
>as possible after I get back I'd like to finish off 1.6.
>I'm having a ton of fun with all of this, and I hope you are too!
>[*] The current files can be viewed here:
>         http://cairographics.org/roadmap/
>         http://cairographics.org/todo/
>And can be edited by anyone right there by clicking "edit" (just setup
>a wiki account first), or they can be edited via git for people that
>have permission to do that kind of thing. For that, do:
>         git clone cairographics.org:/git/cairo-www
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>cairo at cairographics.org
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