[cairo] 1.6: 16.6 -> 24.8 for fixed-point storage

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Sun Jan 27 22:55:52 PST 2008

On Thu, 24 Jan 2008 12:43:35 -0800, Carl Worth wrote:
> As for 1.6, there's a lot that has already been done, but there's also
> a fair amount left. Here are the 5 items on the roadmap currently and
> who's "on the hook" for each of them:
> 	• 16.16 -> 24.8		vlad

Vladimir tells me that the Mozilla folks have been running this code,
(on non-Linux systems), for a while now without problems. And Larry
Ewing also says it's working well for him.

I just turned it on and ran "CAIRO_TEST_TARGET=image make test". I see
several new "FAILS" in the test suite, but looking at the result it
looks like almost all of them are simply changes in the details of
rasterization, but no actual failures.

So I'll go ahead and update all such images, and push this, (on top of
all the other recent patches I posted---and probably with the new
function name that Behdad suggested).

And as soon as I do that[*] I'll push a 1.5.8 snapshot out and ask
people to pound on all these things as much as they can.

Then the only thing left for 1.6 will be doing the image conversion to
deal with goofy X server visuals (including pseudocolor).

This is definitely fun stuff.


[*] No, wait! I really need to land Antoine's new CAIRO_EXTEND_PAD
patch and Jeff's performance improvement before this snapshot too. So
don't let me forget that, (or heckle me mercilessly).
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