[cairo] make test broken

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Jan 29 05:48:50 PST 2008

On Tue, 29 Jan 2008 13:51:55 +0100, "Nis Martensen" wrote:
> The src/Makefile.am reorganization broke make test.

Yes, the build was completely broken there for a bit. I've fixed that

> And something killed my X session while running make
> test on the previous commit. Running it with DISPLAY
> set to :1 (Xephyr) now.

It would appear that the extend-reflect bug is now killing the X
server for a bunch of people. We had seen this in the past, but then
it went away for a while.

Here are some of my guesses:

   1. This is an X server (and or driver) bug that is likely fixed in
      current versions.

      Recommendation: If you hit this bug, report the X server/driver
      versions to us, then upgrade to the latest and let us know.

   2. The buggy_repeat version check was accidentally disabling the
      code paths that trigger the failure. That's why we didn't see
      problems for a while, but now that we fixed that check, the code
      isn't getting disabled anymore.

      Recommendation: Try forcing the buggy_repeat value to 1 to see
      if it makes the bug go away. This value is set in
      cairo-xlib-display.c .

When we get a little more information from the above, (and
particularly if one or both of my guesses are wrong), then it should
be much easier to decide what we might need to do within cairo for
this bug.

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