[cairo] GSoC/Add HDR image surface type to cairo/pixman

xie guofu guofu85 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 06:11:56 PDT 2008

Hi, Cairo,

I am sorry to update my status of my GSoC project so late.

At the beginning, I was familiar with cairo nouns and verbs, like
destination, source and so on. I spent much time on the cairo and didn't
know how to add my code into cairo. Then I sent an email to Soren to discuss
the question and knew that my attention should be changed into pixman

In the project, first I implemented half-precision floats in C from OpenEXR
project. There are two functions:

half float_to_half(float f);

float half_to_float(half h);

I want to convert an entire scanline to float, then do the compositing in
float directly, then convert the entire scanline back.

The most part of the project is to get pixman image composited together. To
support scRGB precision, I did:

1) In enum pixman_format_code_t, I added four 64bpp formats:
PIXMAN_F_a16r16g16b16, PIXMAN_F_x16r16g16b16     , PIXMAN_F_a16b16g16r16 ,

2) I added routines that can convert from arbitrary formats into scRGB and
back in pixman-access.c.

Then I will add compositing routines in pixman-combine-float.c like
pixman-combine32.c and add some supporting code in

In the project, I would like to thank Soren for giving me lots of help and


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