[cairo] pixman with MMX supported on scratchbox arm build

Guoxin Fan gfan at sta.samsung.com
Mon Jul 7 08:35:20 PDT 2008



     Our phone use Intel XScale:  Intel Wireless MMX 2 Coprocessor.

     Can we make pixman-0.10.0 work with this WMMX2?






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ARM doesn't support MMX which was designed by Intel for their Pentiums.




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Hello, all:


    I am trying to enable MMX in pixman-0.10.0 for our linux-based


    Here is what we have so far:

1.	Build environment:  scratchbox with arm-iwmmxt-linux-gnueabi and
gcc4.1.1. Our directfb package used pixman-0.10.0 for mozilla browser. 
2.	Without MMX enabled, it builds and runs ok on our target.
3.	I have tested the APIs in mmintrin.h, which compile and run ok
on our target.
4.	If I remove the -mmmx from MMX_CFLAGS, then ./configure will
detect MMX and set have_mmx_intrinsics to yes.


      The problem is that: 

           The assembly codes in pixman-pict.c and pixman-mmx.c are only
return for intel architecture. 


       I am new to the pixman, can someone help me sort out:

       1.   what are those assembly codes doing? Can we make it work for
ARM architecture?

2.   will pixman-0.10.0 work with MMX if APIs in mmintrin.h work well
with our target?

3.   Who should I contact for help on this issue?








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