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On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 10:04 AM, XinGang Li <slinavlee at gmail.com> wrote:

> The cairo "toy text" API can render Chinese characters in utf-8 under
> win32.
Since cairo 1.4.10, I've been using cairo_show_text to display Unicode
characters( font: Arial Unicode MS, truetype)
or Japanese Shift JIS characters. There is no problem so far.

The OP should have provided more information if he wants help IMO.

> If can not work fine on other platforms, you can using Pengo.

I don't think we need Pango here :).

> We have a problem rendering Chinese characters with cairo_show_text.
>> If we provide a
>> UTF-8 string with both ISO and Chinese characters, only the ISO
>> characters are rendered,
>> and the Chinese characters are skipped over.  cairo_text_extents
>> returns the extents as
>> if the Chinese characters were not in the string.
>> The same UTF-8 string will work correctly with other libraries (not
>> Cairo) and Cairo
>> works correctly with UTF-8 characters from other character sets (such
>> as the Polish
>> characters available in UTF-8)
>> We are using Cairo 1.4.10.  We are currently stuck with this version.
>> Does anyone know
>> if this is a common issue, or if there are any bugs tied to this?

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