[cairo] [PATCH] speed up fbOver

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Thu Jul 17 09:22:07 PDT 2008

Jeff Muizelaar <jeff at infidigm.net> writes:

> In regards to your comment on IRC about copying FbByteMulAdd. There was
> no great reason. I was looking at doing an ARM assembler version and
> wanted a more documented version of FbByteMulAdd to work with. Since I
> had the a documented version I figured it would be nice to include that
> in the tree. This was a low impact way to do that. However, I'm not that
> attached to either way and I'll change it if you'd prefer the use
> of the FbByteMulAdd macro.

I'd prefer to add the comments to the macro, then using that.


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