[cairo] Last couple of items on the 1.6 roadmap

Charles Doutriaux doutriaux1 at llnl.gov
Tue Mar 4 14:06:19 PST 2008

Hi Carl,

I'm experiencing issues with pixman 0.9.6 and cairo 1.5.10 under cygwin 
(latest under vista)

pixman since to build correctly, producing a  .a and .la

but cairo build fails complaining that it cannot link against static 
version of pixman and is asking me for a shared version of pixman...
I tried passing --disable-static to pixman build but it doesn't seem t o 
do anything at all.

Any idea?



Carl Worth wrote:
> [I drafted this a few days ago, but apparently forgot to send it out.]
> With the 1.5.12 snapshot out, I just updated cairo's roadmap:
> 	http://cairographics.org/roadmap/
> And happily, 13 of the 15 items on the 1.6 roadmap are complete. It's
> good we're close since "February 2008" is the date we have listed
> there, and there are only a couple of hours left of that, (in my
> timezone anyway).
> And I think we are really close. One of the items is that we simply
> need to make a pixman release, (need that for the CAIRO_EXTEND_PAD
> fix, for example). I just want to add some macros and functions to
> announce the pixman version, and then also adopt the same
> version-numbering scheme that cairo has. And then I think that's
> ready.[*]
> Then, the other item left is supporting arbitrary X server visuals,
> (including pseudocolor). I had the pleasure to sit down with Keith
> Packard today and he walked me through much of the code needed to do
> this, and that's nearly complete. About the only part missing is
> color-cube allocation, (and that explains why Keith appeared earlier
> on this list explaining how to do color cubes---I had to leave his
> house this afternoon before he had the chance to explain that to me).
> And then obviously, there are things that aren't on that roadmap, but
> that form part of every release. That's mostly testing, (regression
> testing with "make test" and "make perf" and also testing with "make
> check-valgrind" to ensure we're not leaking anything).
> We generally want to have no test-suite failures across the entire
> test suite for all supported backends. Currently I'm only really
> seeing failures in 7 different tests and in only the PDF and PS
> backends as follows:
> 	pdf: clip-operator, operator-clear, operator-source,
> 	     push-group, bitmap-font
> 	ps: clip-operator, degenerate-path, miter-precision,
> 	    operator-source, push-group
> Adrian's been looking into these and it looks like the 4 tests with
> "operator" in the name might be a single bug. And the push-group
> failure for PDF is definitely because of a poppler bug, (hard to hid
> with a reference image since poppler fails differently in the case of
> an integer offset case being applied). And the remainder might not be
> that significant, (I know fairly well what's happening with
> miter-precision, but I'd still like to understand the bitmap-font and
> degenerate-path failures better).
> Meanwhile, Adrian also just pointed out to me that extend-pad will be
> failing for PS and SVG as soon as I remove it from the XFAIL list. So
> that's something else that we'll need to fix.
> Anyway, it's definitely exciting to be so close.
> Happy hacking!
> -Carl
> [*] Fixing pixman to support accept coordinates larger than 16 bits
> would be really nice too, but we can follow up with that later, (and
> do a cairo 1.6.2 for that).
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