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>>>>> "Carl" == Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org> writes:

Carl> Oh, and if I haven't made it perfectly clear already, I'm a total
Carl> idiot when it comes to color. In the API proposal so far I see three
Carl> separate notions being proposed to cairo:

Carl> 	color intent
Carl> 	color profile
Carl> 	color profile mapping

Carl> Can you explain (or provide a reference for me) for what the three
Carl> notions are? In particular, this function confuses me considerably:

The PDF and PS ref manuals have a good high level introduction to the
concepts.  In particular, from §4.5.4 of the PDF17 ref, under Rendering
Intents, PDF supports these intents:

AbsoluteColorimetric, RelativeColorimetric, Saturation, Perceptual.

A profile is a measurement of how a particular output device renders
various colours.  That includes standard or reference profiles such as
sRGB (which was based on the Triniton CRTs of the day, as viewed in
typical residential settings), AdobeRGB, and various standard profiles
released by industry groups like SWOP in the States or Fogra in Europe,
as well as user-measured profiles specific to one's own monitors and

Some Wikipedia articles of interest:


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