[cairo] pixman tests

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Tue Mar 11 19:07:11 PDT 2008

"André Tupinambá" <andrelrt at gmail.com> writes:

> As I said in last e-mail, I'm changing the pixman library to use SSE2
> instructions.

I think it looks very promising.

The way we should integrate this is in a separate pixman-sse.c file
that is compiled with -msse. Then a new table of SSE2 fast paths
should be added in pixman-pict.c similar to the one we already have
with MMX fast paths.

Unfortunately we can't just compile pixman-mmx.c with -msse because we
still need to support systems that have MMX, but not SSE.

Once we have such a file, it probably makes sense to move the code
guarded with USE_SSE in pixman-mmx.c into it.

> But I don't know if I'm introducing some kind of problems with the result
> images. There is some test that I can run to check this? The cairo's "make
> check", checks the pixman too?

Yes, the cairo test suite is also testing many (though not all) parts
of pixman.

If the cairo test suite passes when run like this:

        env CAIRO_TEST_TARGET=image make test

then that's a good indication that pixman didn't break.


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