[cairo] Several questions about Cairo

Kalle Vahlman kalle.vahlman at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 11:17:31 PDT 2008

2008/3/18, Hans Guijt <hg at terma.com>:
>  3. Windows. Yes, it sounds like a curse.

You are mistaking the cairo community to other, more hostile environments ;)

>  I'm worried that I cannot find any downloadable packages on the
>  cairographics website. What I do find is links to other websites where I
>  cannot find any traces of Cairo. Is there some fundamental reason why
>  up-to-date Windows packages cannot be hosted on cairographics?

I suppose the same reason it doesn't host up-to-date other packages.
It's up to the distributor to build suitable packages for any given
environment. Sadly, the windows world lacks such organization. But as
Behdad and Tor pointed out there is a cairo library available from the
"official" GTK+ windows builds.

Of course it isn't easy to know this despite the notes on the download
page. I suppose a better link than to the Tor's site would be directly


where is a list of downloadable packages including cairo.

>  (and please don't attack me for using Windows. The website claims that
>  Cairo supports Windows, and I need that capability.)

Wow, seems like some open source zealot really has barked at you to
make you so defensive about using Windows :)

Please don't think that it's even a common trend these days, at least
cairo and GTK+ are very cross-platform oriented projects. If open
source is about freedom, it should include freedom of choosing
platforms too, right?

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