[cairo] Oh !.. and about that xmmintrin.h inclusion

Frédéric Plourde frederic.plourde at polymtl.ca
Thu Mar 20 14:16:44 PDT 2008

warning... the last patch "pixman_OPT_MMX_pu_mulhi_pu16.patch" is 
missing something... the inclusion of "xmmintrin.h" somewhere at the top 
of pixman-mmx.c.
I sent the patch that way to bring you attention on my last question 
about whether or not including "xmmintrin.h" as part of USE_MMX should 
be considered an awful idea or not ;-)


Frederic Plourde a écrit :
> Hi there!
>  Here are some other important optims that I wrote for pixman-mmx.c
> I'd be pleased if you guys reviewed them (in relation to my previous questions
> about _mm_mulhi_pu16 intrinsic in my last email on cairographics...).
> the perf chart is great. 12% mean speedup for affected parts of the mmx
> codepath.
> thanx :-)
> -fred-
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