[cairo] Questions about GSOC ideas

Junjie Peng pjj.ccce at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 09:52:46 PDT 2008

    Hi, everyone. I'm a student have interest in Cario for this GSOC.

    I like the two ideas:" Implement a faster lookup-table-based rasterizer"
and "Implement cairo_stroke_to_path()". And I have some questions about the
first idea now:

    1. Can I consider the lookup-table-based rasterizer as an analog of PNG
format file? Is the palette chunk for an indexed-color image in PNG format
just like the look-up table?

     2. Where can I know more about the word "rasterizer" in Cario?

     3. It is said, "With the recent change from 16 bits of sub-pixel
precision to only 8 bits, (and perhaps even throwing some of those away)."
Whether does this change take down the effect of the graphics?
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