[cairo] pixman + OpenMP

Pedro Lamarão pedro.lamarao at mndfck.org
Sun Mar 23 20:01:10 PDT 2008

As part of the "code optimization" community project going on here in
Brazil, here are some results of modifying pixman to allow loop
parallelization with OpenMP.

The results of this experiment can be found in the attached file.
(If attachments are not appropriate, I can arrange web space for this file.)
We collect a README describing our test, a patch file and output from 
make perf.

Our result is a little weird.
It seems that the new form given to the function allows greater
optimization with GCC 4.3.
The relative speedup of the new code versus the new code with OpenMP
enabled seems small.
Still, we not yet tested this code in a true SMP machine.

We are going to attempt similar patches to similar functions in the
near future and hope to run this code in different hardware.

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