[cairo] cairo_win32_font_face_create_for_hfont()

Elmar Braun elmar.braun at sh-p.de
Mon Mar 24 16:20:00 PDT 2008


While testing Cairo 1.5.14 I've run across a problem with 

The attached source demonstrates the problem. It uses the same HFONT to 
create three cairo_font_face_t*: the first with create_for_hfont(), a 
second one with create_for_logfontw(), and a third one with 
create_for_logfontw_hfont(). In the attached PNG you can see that only 
the latter two draw with the right font (Times), whereas the first line, 
which uses create_for_hfont(), is drawn in a different, wrong font.

(I reported something similar quite a while ago for 1.4, but maybe it 
got overlooked.)

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