[cairo] User-font branch, hinting?

Felipe Sanches felipe.sanches at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 17:53:07 PDT 2008

hey! I am interested on learning about user-fonts because I intend to
use it on a Summer of Code project. Can you point me the procedures
needed to start tinkering with this?

Where is the repository where this code is currently? Where can I
learn about the API? Is there sample code using this new feature?


On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 9:43 PM, Peter Clifton <pcjc2 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi guys,
>  I've begun to play with Behdad's user-font branch, and have manged to
>  get some rendering - (yay!!)... seems to be working, and I'm drawing in
>  a notional 1x1 coordinate space for my glyphs.
>  What I'm wondering though (and please forgive the noob-ness...), does
>  the render_glyph function have any chance to render a given glyph with
>  different precision at different scaling? (IE.. aware of the pixel grid
>  on the final output surface?)
>  The example I'm looking at, is that the geda-gschem font uses single
>  pixel wide lines in its (currently self-rendered) glyphs. Effectively,
>  what we want is to be able to set the magic line-width of zero (I know,
>  cairo doesn't do this), and to have the strokes render as single pixel
>  width in the output.
>  If we can't do this, then the font will become unreadable at small
>  sizes, and I'll have to look at a different way of getting speedup with
>  our existing rendering. (I'm hoping that the user-font API will allow us
>  to use our existing glyphs with cairos optimised glyph cache).
>  This requirement for single pixel wide, sharp lines (for backwards
>  compat rendering with the old GDK drawing in geda-gschem) unfortunately
>  means we can't use "just" cairo tranformation matrices in our code, and
>  render in our "world" coordinates. We have to transform ourselves, and
>  be aware of the pixel grid). I'm wondering if this is a more general
>  problem, something which has a similar solution to the glyphs?
>  BTW.. does pango fit into the user-font equation anywhere? (IE.. for
>  laying out more complex multi-line texts?). Is there a corresponding
>  piece of work which could / will make pango support cairo user-fonts?
>  Best wishes,
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