[cairo] Creating Win32 Bitmap with cairo

Isenko Evgeny isenko at po.gsinet.co.jp
Wed Nov 5 21:47:06 PST 2008


Does anyone have an experience of creating Win32 Bitmap with cairo?

The below example is working just fine except one thing: the resulting
Bitmap is not antialiased. However, if I save the surface into png,
it IS antialiased.
So, how make the graphics on the Bitmap to be antialiased?

Bitmap img = new Bitmap(200, 200, Imaging.PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb);
Graphics mygr = Graphics.FromImage(img);

Cairo.Win32Surface winsrf = new Cairo.Win32Surface(mygr.GetHdc());
Cairo.Context cr = new Cairo.Context(winsrf);

cr.Antialias = Cairo.Antialias.Grey;

/* Some drawings here */

return img;

By the way, I am not sure that this code is the better way of creating
Win32 Bitmap with cairo...

Thanks for any advice.


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