[cairo] Fix OS/2 build

Dave Yeo daveryeo at telus.net
Tue Nov 11 23:53:28 PST 2008

On 11/11/08 12:24 am, Peter Weilbacher wrote:
> On 11.11.2008 01:37, Dave Yeo wrote:
>> We also seem to get the same problem with including os2emx.h since by
>> default os2.h includes os2emx.h. eg, the error that started this thread
>> was actually caused by having
>> #define INCL_DOS
>> #define INCL_NOPMAPI
>> #define INCL_NOCOMMON
>> #include<os2.h>
>> in pthread.h (Yuri's port)
> OK, I was wondering why I don't get the same error as you. I don't have
> pthread installed... But I'm getting more and more confused as to what the
> real fix would be and if we actually need one. Should we reshuffle the
> cairo-os2.h include _and_ use os2.h directly instead of os2emx.h? Is
> pthread.h also involved in your build problem in the Mozilla environment?
>     Peter.

While moving pthread.h away fixed compiling cairo it did not fix 
Mozilla. I was hoping to trace the Mozilla problem better but no luck.
The attached patch simplifies things by including os2.h directly, cleans 
up cairo-os2-surface.c somewhat and moves the include to cairo-os2.h.
I don't really like moving the include<os2.h> into a public header as it 
may also cause problems much like pthread.h has. Unluckily I can't 
really see another acceptable solution right now.
Tested with GCC 3.3.5 and 3.4.6.
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