[cairo] Text rendering questions

Ian Britten britten at caris.com
Wed Nov 12 05:08:32 PST 2008

Ian Britten wrote:
> Hi all,
> As I'm finally getting legible text from my Cairo (PDF) output :)
> I'm faced with some more (general) questions...

> The two main problems I'm seeing at the moment are:
> - The text generally seems to be too small (eg: 10-20 percent, maybe),
>    but sometimes it's dramatically too-small.
> - Sometimes, the wrong font is being used (Italic, Bold, etc)

Mea Culpa ... :(

After a fair amount of digging, I've traced both of these problems
back to my own code (Mostly the cache I had to add to manage all
the FT_Face instances...).
Currently, I've got text rendering basically correct (Still some
issues I need to investigate), and it's looking pretty good!  :)

Sorry for the distraction (And thanks for the help!)

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