[cairo] Errors building cairomm-1.7.0 on Windows, MinGW/MSys gcc 4.3.0 20080502 alpha

Jonathon Jongsma jonathon at quotidian.org
Fri Nov 14 12:13:31 PST 2008

Paul Goins wrote:
> I already know, I'm using an alpha gcc, I'm asking for trouble.  But
> I've looked at the cairomm code a little and it looks like at least some
> of these build errors are legitimate.
> Here's a pastebin of the error as part of running "make -k":
> http://pastebin.ca/1256388
> The errors seem centralized in cairomm/win32_surface.{h,cc}.  I looked
> at the first error, about ~Cairo::Win32Surface being declared (in error)
> a member of Cairo::Win32PrintingSurface, and unless I'm missing
> something, Win32PrintingSurface is not a child of Win32Surface according
> to the code.  I haven't looked at the rest though.
> I'm happy for any help or workarounds which may be available.
> - Paul Goins

yeah, that's clearly an error.  As you can probably tell, I don't have easy access to a 
windows machine to test on.  Thanks for reporting these, I'll look into them.


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