[cairo] plotting a donut in cairo

Hakki Dogusan dogusanh at tr.net
Tue Nov 25 00:50:51 PST 2008


Charles سمير Doutriaux wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having a problem on cairo plotting a "Donut".
> The way i'm rendering it on my X surface is that basicaly rawing the  
> outside circle and then going inside and drawing the inside circle,
> Then I fill this.
> On my X it works great (but i think this section is still using xgks  
> not cairo)
> ON cairo output, the whole thing is filled (png and postscript at least)
> I was wondering what the best way would be to fx this? Leave a tiny  
> little space between the first and ast ponit of the outter circle?
> Any suggestion welcome.
> I can send some sample code to if you want.

Did you success with donut plotting? It may be a good sample (animating 
one will be better) to have in CairoPad[1]. Can you share?

> C.

Hakki Dogusan

[1] http://www.dynaset.org/dogusanh/download.html#cairopad

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