[cairo] postscript bug, text output is truncated (not shapes)

Charles سمير Doutriaux doutriaux1 at LLNL.gov
Mon Oct 13 11:21:54 PDT 2008

Hi Carl,

Ok so i appied the method you suggested, creating a  page 792/612

no rotation

Now i get this....

it's all truncted on my gs viewer...

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On Oct 13, 2008, at 11:09 AM, Carl Worth wrote:

> On Mon, 2008-10-13 at 10:56 -0700, Charles ???? Doutriaux wrote:
>> OK I need help here, because this used to work under 1.6.4, and i see
>> that you closed the bug report as a "not a bug" but it is still
>> inconsistent EVEN if i'm defining the page in a bad way.
> It's inconsistent because we changed things since 1.6.4.
> With 1.6.4 if you asked cairo to render tons of text to a PDF or
> PostScript file, but most of that was outside the page boundaries,  
> then
> cairo would generate a much larger file than necessary, (including  
> data
> for all of the "off page" text).
> We implemented an optimization to simply drop the "off page" text.
>> I can understand you're argument about cutting glyph "outside of the
>> page" but then why is it just cutting glyphs, and not the lines and
>> other shapes.
> Because that's the only optimization we've implemented so far---and it
> was just easier that way. We might certainly also optimize other
> graphics in a similar way in the future.
> Basically, you shouldn't rely on the behavior you get for the "off  
> page"
> portion of any graphics elements. Cairo will not guarantee that they
> will be present.
>> I think the reason i was doing the rotate on a portrait page, is
>> because like that I can use the  exact same calls for png/pdf/svg and
>> for postscript. I'm not 100% positive (it's been a long time this  
>> code
>> worked great!) but if i remember correctly it was due to the origin  
>> of
>> the page being different in postscript
> If you have any more details here, then I would appreciate you sharing
> them. There shouldn't be any difference in how you runder to PDF,
> PostScript, SVG, etc. That's one of the defining characteristics of
> cairo. There's certainly not a different page origin with any of  
> cairo's
> backends---it's the same in all cases.
> So if there *is* any substantive difference, then that's a bug in  
> cairo.
> Or if there's something that gave you the impression that you needed  
> to
> do something "special" for PostScript, then we should fix that too.
> Please let us know.
> But for now, you should be able to just tell cairo the correct page
> dimensions and the undesired behavior will go away, right?
> Have fun,
> -Carl

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