[cairo] pixman & win64

Thomas Stover thomas at wsinnovations.com
Tue Oct 14 16:47:28 PDT 2008

I hate to even bring this up, but I will anyway for any others in the 
same boat I am. Apparently  Visual Studio 9 x86_64 doesn't allow inline 
assembly. It must be placed in a separate file. This I discovered while 
trying to build pixman 0.12.0. From what I gather it will work if you 
put it in separate files. I'm also not sure that the _asm section it's 
error-ing out on should even be reached in my configuration. I'll keep 
trying some things, but maybe this is already fixed somehow?
pixman-pict.c(2043) : error C4235: nonstandard extension used : '_asm' 
keyword not supported on this architecture
pixman-pict.c(2045) : error C2065: 'pushfd' : undeclared identifier

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