[cairo] crash report and question

Adrian Johnson ajohnson at redneon.com
Tue Oct 21 04:06:44 PDT 2008

bulia byak wrote:
> Another related question: in PS surface I can set width and height,
> but how do I set the origin if I want the bounding box to be e.g. 10
> 10 100 100, not 0 0 90 90?

I assume you are referring to ordinary PS (ie EPS is disabled). 
Currently cairo will always set the %%PageBoundingBox to the page size. 
This is not in accordance with the DSC specification which like EPS 
requires the bounding box to be the smallest rectangle enclosing all 
marks on the page.

The reason we are not setting %%BoundingBox and %%PageBoundingBox 
correctly is that viewers like Evince and Okular are not using these DSC 
comments correctly. Evince and Okular are using the bounding box as the 
page size.

What we should be doing is using %%DocumentMedia and %%PageMedia to set 
the page size. But first we need to get these viewers to use the correct 
DSC comments before we change can this. Currently, gv is the only viewer 
I know of that does the right thing.

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