[cairo] Unable to compile cairomm 1.7.0 (OS X fink)

Asko Kauppi askok at dnainternet.net
Tue Oct 28 12:29:41 PDT 2008

Philip Langdale kirjoitti 28.10.2008 kello 21:13:

> Murray Cumming wrote:
>> vmware had this problem (they use gtkmm for the vmware UI). I'm sure
>> there's a patch somewhere that they apply, but I can't find it now in
>> bugzilla. fink should probably apply the patch.
>> I've CCed Philip Langdale, who I think was the vmware guy who  
>> mentioned
>> this. Maybe he knows where to find the bug or the patch.
> We only care about libsigc++ itself (no gtk in the mac product) and  
> we've
> taken the approach of wrapping every include of the libsigc++ headers
> with an #undef/#define pair and its been working well enough. We don't
> like unmergeable patches so we abandoned that approach after we all  
> realised
> that it broke the ABI.
> --phil

How exactly does this break the API, and which API?   OS X, libsigc++  
and/or cairo?

My current patching (of adding #undef nil's to the places where libsigc 
++ is included) compiles things well.

What is at risk?

I brought this issue to SO as well:


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