[cairo] Hello, Cairo! Re: Simple Win32 GDI example with Cairo wanted

Mohit Sindhwani tech at onghu.com
Mon Sep 1 09:24:17 PDT 2008

Asko Kauppi wrote:
> I would second this.
> Although setting up a "Hello world" IDE project drawing the text using  
> Cairo should not be a Big Deal, it certainly would help the initial  
> step (instead of pressing 'new' in the IDE).
> Especially since Windows is my 3rd platform, and I am using VC++ 2008  
> Express only occasionally.  So, if anyone has a "Hello world" Cairo +  
> VC++ 2008 project to spare, thanks!   :)
> In fact, I would like to see such Hello World for VC++, GTK+ and OS X  
> (XCode) all of them.
> -asko
Actually I have a Hello World example for Borland Turbo C++ (the new 
currently free version of C++ Builder) - I'm a bit busy the next few 
days, but should be able to post more information about it in the weekend.

9/2/2008 | 12:24 AM.

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