[cairo] artifacts when printing from windows

Dan McMahill dan at mcmahill.net
Fri Sep 5 03:23:33 PDT 2008


I have some involvement with a project that uses gtk and cairo.  I have 
noticed that when I print to a printer under windows I get some wierd 
artifacts that do not show up on the screen, in pdf output, or when I 
print to lpr under netbsd or linux.

Basically what happens is that for every line or circle, it seems like I 
first get a solid black bounding box and then I get my line or circle 
drawn over that.  I'm attaching a sketch of what the printout looks like.

The black box under the diagonal trace and the black box under my circle 
are not desired.  The artifact isn't really visible on the horizontal or 
vertical lines because they cover their own bounding boxes.

I'm using cairo-1.6.4 on the windows build that is showing the problem.

The code uses GtkPrint.

Any thoughts on what might be going on?

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