[cairo] Why is Cairomm GPL only?

Asko Kauppi askok at dnainternet.net
Thu Sep 18 12:33:59 PDT 2008

You're right.

Sorry about the noise and confusion. A friend of mine stated it to be  
GPL and I wasn't careful enough.  All is well.


Jonathon Jongsma kirjoitti 18.9.2008 kello 17:38:

> Asko Kauppi wrote:
>> Just noticed that -unlike cairo- Cairomm is under the GPL license.
>> Is this truly intentional, since it will severely restrict use of  
>> the library.
>> Cairo website says:
>> "Cairo is free software <http://www.fsf.org/licensing/essays/free-sw.html 
>> > and is available to be redistributed and/or modified under the  
>> terms of either the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)  
>> version 2.1 or the Mozilla Public License (MPL) version 1.1 at your  
>> option."
>> Cairomm web page says nothing about the license. Cairomm-1.6.4/ 
>> COPYING lists the GPL 2.
>> If cairomm is GPL only, please mention it on the web page.
> This is not true, cairomm is not licensed under the GPL, it is  
> licensed under the LGPL.
> -- 
> jonner

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