[cairo] Building gtk+2.14.1

Kalb, Art Art.Kalb at analog.com
Wed Sep 17 14:32:19 PDT 2008

I am having a problem building gtk+. During the configure, the script
tries some compile flags for building pango. At this point, things fail.
Looking at the logs, it is apparent that the flags are not set correctly
to link cairo - or more accurately libpng12 which cairo uses. I do not
see an explicit linking with a -l of png12. Running pkg-config --libs on
cairo does not return -lpng12. How is png12 supposed to be linked? I see
some @@PNG12_0 notations when running nm but have been unable to find
out what these mean.

I have included my configure script output (./configure options |& tee
c.log) and the more detailed config.log.
If someone who knows more about cairo can interpret what is happening I
would appreciate it.


 <<config.log>>  <<c.log>> 
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