[cairo] postscript backend cut my text

Charles Doutriaux doutriaux1 at llnl.gov
Wed Sep 24 11:46:16 PDT 2008

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> Charles Doutriaux wrote:
>> I sent a long email with the C code and sample postscript by it awaits
>> moderator... So in case I'm sending a bz2 version of the files.
>> test.ps: sample of the snippet code compiled against 1.6.4
>> test_cairo.1.7.6.c # full C code dumped from my code
>> test.1.6.4.ps # ouptut form previous C code against 1.6.4
>> test.1.7.6.ps # output when linked against 1.7.6
>> Notice how 1.6.4 ps have a lot more "XXXXXX"
> I see exactly four X's in both outputs you sent.  Mind sending an image output
> too?
> behdad
This is bad! I'm using gv 3.6.5 to see them (and gs 7.07) I see 8 X on 
the 1.7.6 file (and the legend stops at 3)
on the 1.6.4 i see 20 X and the legend has 2 additional labels: 3.6 and 4
Sending the files to printer here to reproduce the same problems
Let me attach my cairo.log (for 1.7.6) so you see which version of 
fontconfig, pixman etc i'm using.
And the 2 png dump of what i see here (running the full test code)

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