[cairo] _cairo_win32_tmpfile()

Antoine Azar cairo at antoineazar.com
Thu Sep 25 23:03:50 PDT 2008

I created all my vcprojs by simply making them call:

C:\mozilla-build\msys\local\bin\make.exe -f Makefile.win32 

I found it a lot easier than trying to duplicate all the makefile
information inside a new vcproj. I haven't played around with the new build
system yet, I'll try it this week-end and see if there's any easier way to
get the job done in VC++. I'm glad in any case to see that win32 users seem
to find building Cairo more pleasant. I don't think that would've happened
without the Cairo Summit. Thanks for all the good work Behdad!


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> > Take some sleep though, in the mean time hopefully other 
> win32 users of cairo
> > also comment on their use cases and practices.
> Behdad already knows this since I spent so much time this release
> whining to him about things that weren't working for me.  :-)  But for
> the record:
> We used a relatively small set of Cygwin tools, including GNU make,
> plus the MSVC compiler extensively already.  So, the Makefile.win32
> setup in Cairo is perfect for us.  I have no solid evidence, but I
> suspect that this kind of setup is common for developers with
> cross-platform products; GNU-compatible Makefiles are about the only
> way to develop on Linux, Windows, and the Mac without big
> redundancies.
> As an aside, I think that the hardest part about generating a Visual
> Studio project file will be picking which file format, since they seem
> to significantly change formats every release.  Picking the oldest
> version in common usage is probably the smart thing, since it will
> forward-convert.  (For the record, we use "Visual Studio .NET 2003,"
> a.k.a. Visual C++ 7.)
> Anyway, the new build infrastructure rocks.  Thanks Behdad!
> Damian
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