[cairo] _cairo_win32_tmpfile()

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Fri Sep 26 08:48:11 PDT 2008

> There is a README.win32 file included in the 1.8.0 tarball.  I accept patches
> against that.

I suggest changing the first two paragraphs into something like this:

There are two primary ways to build Cairo on Windows. You can use a
UNIX emulation based setup, such as Cygwin or MSYS, with the
conventional configure script shipped with Cairo releases. In this
configuration, you will build with GCC and (implicitly) libtool. In
the Cygwin case you end up with a DLL that depends on Cygwin and
should be used only from Cygwin applications. In the MSYS case you end
up with a "normal" Win32 DLL that can be used either from GCC- or
Microsoft Visual C++-compiled code. In theory, this technique is no
different than the ordinary build process for the Cairo library. In
practise there are lots of small details that can go wrong.

The second way is to use a GNU-compatible make, but build using
Microsoft's Visual C++ compiler to produce native libraries.  This is
the setup this README.win32 is written for. Also the DLL produced this
way is usable either from GCC- or MSVC-compiled code.

Note that the names of the DLLs produced in the gcc+libtool and MSVC
cases differ, libcairo-2.dll in the first case and cairo.dll in the
latter case (if I read the src/Makefile.win32 correctly), even though
they as far as I know should be ABI compatible. But perhaps it's
better this way, to avoid confusion, in case there is some
incompatibility anyway...


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