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Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 15:02:14 PDT 2009

On Tuesday, 28 April 2009 11:09:26 andrei potapchik wrote:
> I need to blur each one -> 
AFAIK, the blurring is up to you by drawing lighter shades of thicker lines on 
top of each other.

>. I need to make a zoom from it. How to do this? 
If you draw the graphics with Cairo in the first place, then have a loop and 
make sure you look at the matrix and transform commands of cairo. You would 
transform the current context (make it bigger) -> then draw your graphics 
(all with same coordinates) -> the matrix will then do the 'zooming'.

Cairo is all about vectors, not so much about bitmap effects etc. 

Hope that helps a little. I am also quite new to the thing.

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