[cairo] Why does 'make check' always fail

Angel Tsankov fn42551 at fmi.uni-sofia.bg
Tue Jan 13 08:33:10 PST 2009

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> Angel Tsankov wrote:
>> Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
>>> Angel Tsankov wrote:
>>>> What might be the rason for 'make check' to fail with:
>>>>     Be civil and replace it by Note please.
>>>>     FAIL: check-doc-syntax.sh
>>>> even when check-doc-syntax.sh does not contain the string 'NOTE'
>>> Sounds like a weirdo version of GNU grep.  What kind of system is
>>> this?  And what does "grep --version" say?
>> This is a custom-built system with grep 2.5.1a.
> Hum.  You really need to debug the check-doc-syntax.sh file (the
> paragraph at the very end) to see why it's failing.
Well, if check-doc-syntax.sh is run on itself it will always fail:  The last 
paragraph searches for a string and fails if it finds the string.  However, 
the search string is contained in this paragraph and that's whay 
check-doc-syntax.sh finds the string and fails.  Right?


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