[cairo] Discussion: LCD Filtering API

cu cairouser at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 30 12:27:05 PST 2009

As a random Cairo user and FWIW, it would make my life a lot easier if
Cairo had native font rasterization.

Making an application that can be distributed easily for anything other
than Windows, and still be able to use fonts is somewhat of a challenge
as of now. In particular, on Mac the Freetype/Fontconfig setup is not
necessarily available by default (or if it is, it may come from X11
install or from Macports). Lugging around one's own fontconfig isn't
much better, since application needs libraries, config files, you name
it (and this may or may not match actually installed fonts anyway). In
this particular case "native font feel" is not necessary at all but
portability (and less library dependencies) would certainly be appreciated.

Pardon the intrusion, but I happened to hit this exact issue no more
than a day ago and just though of how useful it would be if Cairo
included it's own font rasterization support.

Thanks for reading :)

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