[cairo] [PATCH] A set of NEON blitters for Pixman.

Koen Kooi k.kooi at student.utwente.nl
Mon Jun 1 03:56:24 PDT 2009

On 01-06-09 11:58, Jonathan Morton wrote:
> At long last, I am able to supply a version of the "24-to-16-bit
> converting blitter" which is compatible with armcc.  I think ARM are
> still confirming for themselves whether it's comprehensively as fast as
> their original, but they have confirmed that it does at least compile,
> and my own tests (using only GCC) show a solid benefit.
> Accompanying this are a 16-to-16-bit blitter, a fast flat-fill routine,
> and a fast generic blitter.  These do not currently have armcc
> compatible versions, but they also do not replace any older version that
> does.  Each of them normally gets within a gnat's of saturating memory
> bandwidth on large areas, and they are still respectably fast even on
> small and narrow areas.
> None of these blitters require read-modify-write access to the
> framebuffer, so only a write-combiner is required for best performance.
> More complex blitters are expected shortly afterwards.

Do you have plans for 32 (or 24) bpp blitters? I'm currently using my 
omap3 devices in 32bit mode to make firefox3 a bit faster (it's 24bpp 
all the way internally). I've given up on using the powervr to give me 
more xrender/evas/qt accell since NEON is shown to be about 4 times 
faster :/



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