[cairo] Cairo, multi contexts ??

L W putrycydestengier at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 03:58:44 PDT 2009


 Im having a problem with following task: Im drawing something on the gtk
window, lets say a castle, inside drawing area widget. Then, i want to draw
something else, on the top of the same surface, like tower, that then should
be rotated by 90degs to achieve "fallen" tower. How to do that without
rotating whole image.I had an idea, to draw this small piece of image into a
pixmap or whatever, then rotate it, and put it back, but im not sure how to
make it. I found something like cairo_push_group() and cairo_pop_group() but
i guess its not a solution.
Sorry if its stupid question, im complete noob, its my first cairo-program.
Ive found many examples, but they were simply showing rotating freshly
loaded image, and it would be good, but i couldnt find any example how to
put this image into an existing drawing. Thanks in advance.

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