[cairo] Does pixman refactoring also contain new pixel formats?

Stefan Landvogt stefan.landvogt at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 04:34:11 PDT 2009

Hi Soeren,

I did not follow the list closely in the last weeks, but I was  
wondering, whether the pixman refactoring also lead to new pixel  

At the moment my main performance bottleneck is the following code,  
that I have to use, when putting the graphics onto the screen in my  

int currentWidth = GetWidth();
int     currentHeight = GetHeight();

unsigned char *bufferARGB = 0;
bufferARGB = cairo_image_surface_get_data( GetCairoSurface() );

unsigned char* bufferRGBA = new unsigned char[currentWidth *  
currentHeight * 4];

int currentRGBA = 0;
for(int i=0;i< currentWidth * currentHeight * 4;i+=4)
       bufferRGBA[currentRGBA++] = bufferARGB[i+2];
       bufferRGBA[currentRGBA++] = bufferARGB[i+1];
       bufferRGBA[currentRGBA++] = bufferARGB[i];
       bufferRGBA[currentRGBA++] = bufferARGB[i+3];

aSurface->DrawSetTextureRGBA( aTextureID, bufferRGBA, currentWidth,  
currentHeight );

delete[] bufferRGBA;

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