[cairo] strange code

Adrian Johnson ajohnson at redneon.com
Thu Jun 11 05:44:34 PDT 2009

flk1986 wrote:
>  >>Hi,Adrian:
>   thanks you letter,Attachment is my program code ,I wrote them in the 
> vs2003 and used c++,in the one.rar ,"ri.bin" is my input data which used 
> define the font glyph,and hell.pdf is output,as a example
> I print "Ò»¸ö¸öÓÑÒ»Ò»ÈË" to pdf,but if you copy outdata to  from  
> pdf,you will find the utf-8 code of"Ò»"
> is error,but "¸ö" . "ÓÑ" and "ÈË" is right.
> Hope you can find my information !
>  thank you ,best wish you ! I  look forward to you answer!

The cairo_show_text_glyphs() is the recommended function for drawing 
text that can be correctly extracted from PDFs.

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