[cairo] cairo snapshot 1.9.2 now available

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Mon Jun 15 10:38:29 PDT 2009

On Mon, 2009-06-15 at 13:51 +0200, David Björkevik wrote:
> > Since you're in development phase, I'm just curious, any chance we get  
> > to see a "wmf" (windows metafile) producer under Linux/mac ?
> > 
> > That would be really great! Especially under Mac since it would allow  
> > us to read our graphs directly back into powerpoint.
> I would also like something like this, but I think that we should go
> directly to emf instead of wmf.
> The specs area freely available for download, but implementing the whole
> thing requires quite a lot of work.

It's really just a matter of someone that's interested doing the
legwork, then. We'd be more than happy to host such work within cairo,
and we'll give whatever support we can, (as far as explaining how the
backend interface works, expanding it if necessary, etc.).

So is there anyone who wants to take a stab at this?


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