[cairo] Cairo 1.9.2 performance

cu cairouser at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 18 10:08:54 PDT 2009

Come to think of it, this mode of operation creates a somewhat
significant issue for some of our modules where font size is selected
dynamically based on widget parameters. Since Cairo essentially
abandoned font caching, we'll now have to build our own font cache for
size/type etc just to make up for this functionality (unless I
misunderstand the solution)?

It would be wonderful if font caching somehow was retained, perhaps as
an option, in 1.9.x - we'd love to upgrade at some point but preferably
not at a cost of more development.

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Alternatively you can always query the font chosen for a particular
> face, family, size, slant and weight by calling
> cairo_get_scaled_font(cr) after setting up the font parameters. Then to
> restore that particular resolved font, use cairo_set_scaled_font().

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