[cairo] enable-script + enable-test-surfaces = build error on master

Hans Breuer hans at breuer.org
Sun Jun 28 02:11:56 PDT 2009

current cairo master configured as followed does not build,
trivial patch below.

./configure --prefix=/opt --enable-script --enable-test-surfaces

trace.c: In function 'cairo_script_surface_create':
trace.c:4136: error: implicit declaration of function '_surface_set_size'
trace.c:4136: warning: nested extern declaration of '_surface_set_size'

diff --git a/util/cairo-trace/trace.c b/util/cairo-trace/trace.c
index 5ef290f..92b4981 100644
--- a/util/cairo-trace/trace.c
+++ b/util/cairo-trace/trace.c
@@ -4133,7 +4133,7 @@ cairo_script_surface_create (const char *filename,
                        "  surface dup /s%ld exch def\n",
                        width, height,
-       _surface_set_size (ret, width, height);
+       _surface_object_set_size (ret, width, height);
         _get_object (SURFACE, ret)->defined = true;
         _push_operand (SURFACE, ret);
         _write_unlock ();

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