[cairo] Endless loop in _cairo_stroker_line_to_dashed()

Hans Breuer hans at breuer.org
Sun Jun 28 10:01:00 PDT 2009

At 28.06.2009 13:32, Hans Breuer wrote:
> At 28.06.2009 12:24, Chris Wilson wrote:
>> It would be good to have a test case for this bug. 
> Yes, definitely.
>> (Or you can provide instructions on how I can
>> reproduce this bug myself using dia, and I'll create a test case.)

Dia 0.96.1 (only PDF), 0.97 or current master should all work to reproduce.

> Unfortunately I was not yet able to create a further reduced version of the 
> proprietary file which still enters the endless loop. But maybe the 
> above is enough?
Now I have a dia file with only two boxes and a line which makes cairo go 
into that endless loop. I'm attaching the cairo-script file created with 
Dia's new cairo-script export facility ;).

But I wonder if the precision given by that file is enough to reproduce the 
bug. And I didn't find a way to check myself. csi-replay.c looked 
promising, but I can't find a binary created from it.


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