[cairo] Request: Separate FreeType and Fontconfig

Surith cairo at surith.net
Tue Mar 10 00:12:06 PDT 2009

>> I think there are some issues with synchronization when fontconfig is
>> completely removed.
> Which ones ?

I attempted to use Cairo in a single-threaded environment, with
freetype but without fontconfig. As part of this I used the patches
from David Turner. I also defined CAIRO_NO_MUTEX and built without
threading support (--disable-pthread.) Only one font was used on this
system - previously loaded using freetype. There were also other
restrictions - in particular that malloc/free could not be used... I
used custom functions to allocate memory. Cairo did run successfully
after some hacking.

I was wrong when I said that there were synchronization issues, sorry.
I should have instead said that I had to modify Cairo, with these
patches applied, to build and run with mutexes disabled.

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