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Gerdus van Zyl gerdusvanzyl at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 14:57:28 PDT 2009

So far I know that's not possible. You can render a piece of text on
the server using cairo as an image and have the visitor load that. The
closest I know if is the SIFR technique which uses flash.

What you suggest is a css3 feature I believe called webfonts


On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 9:58 PM, Jay Gee <jgstandby at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Greetings to the list.
> I was searching around the cairo site
> for a good introductory primer on how
> cairo is used as a font and graphics
> manager for a web site.  Unfortunately
> I could not find anything.
> Am I correct in believing that cairo
> and associated font libraries can be
> loaded on a web server in their own
> directories, then through some porting
> mechanism via html, java or javascript
> programming, linked to site visitors'
> browsers so that a wider variety of
> fonts may be used than only those
> residing in the visitors computer?
> Can anyone recommend some good links or
> a good book to help me get up to speed?
> Jay
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